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PVR storage upgrade

If you have purchased a DCX3400 PVR from us, we are now offering an upgrade from the standard 250GB to 1TB (1000GB) of video storage. We are doing these upgrades in-house with new hard drives.
$95 plus taxes.

The PVR will be warrantied for a full two years from the time of the upgrade.
This summer (June to September 2019), we are transitioning many of our TV Channels to HD using the newer MPEG 4 standard. This standard is not compaitible with the older SD (Standard Definition) MPEG 2 digital boxes. Customers using these older style boxes must upgrade to the newer MPEG 4 HD Boxes to avoid loss of channels and eventual full service disruption. Customers who still have these boxes will be contacted over the next few months. We will do our best to assist you by providing the new boxes at or below our cost.
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